Author: Kurt Welday 

Dear Sir: I bought a Toyota Tundra Pickup brand new off the dealer lot in 2001. I love my truck now as much as I did then. With one exception, it has never given me any trouble at all; which is saying a lot even though I take outstanding care of it. The one exception is the subject of this testimonial. I bought the truck new in June. In October, I started the truck on the first chilly morning of the year and it made the most gut-wrenching sound I have ever heard. I thought that I had let it run out of oil because it was grinding and knocking loud enough to wake the dead. This horrific sound was accompanied by heavy black smoke spewing from the tailpipe. There it was, my beautiful Sunfire Red Pearl Tundra running like a sick, old school bus. After a few seconds it stopped. I checked all of my fluids and they were on spot. I use only the best lubricants in my vehicles so I could not imagine what the problem was. Over the next few weeks it became a recurring problem. I knew that I could never convince the dealer that there was a problem because it did not do it every time the truck was started. I was starting to feel very let-down by the whole new car buying experience. Until a few weeks ago I thought that my truck was the only one in the world with this problem. It turns out that many others out there were suffering with the same issue (View similar testimonials at: search forums for “grinding sound”) I found this information by chance but I’m glad that I did. When I realized that the problem was not going to go away just by doing more frequent oil changes with high quality (even synthetic) motor oils, I started looking for other options. I read some other testimonials about X-1R and decided that it couldn’t hurt, and it was worth a try before launching a battle with the Toyota Dealer. I can say now, after seeing that other customers had to have engine rebuilds for the same problem, that X-1R fixed my truck. It didn’t just help or reduce the symptoms; it eliminated them. After I dumped that first 8oz. bottle of X-1R into my engine, it never made any hint of noise or smoking when I started it up again. I just completed my 60,000-mile service yesterday (which included X-1R engine, transmission, and fuel system treatment along with the fluid changes) and the truck runs better than new. I can now leave it sitting for days in cold weather and start it in freezing conditions without even the slightest sound. It just roars to life. On behalf of myself and Toyota (who did not have to rebuild my engine) I would like to thank you for your quality product.

Author: Bob Plumb 
Dear Sir: About three weeks ago I had changed oil in my Daughters car, a95 Ford Tempo. Having used X-1R in my personal vehicles since 1998; 1 added the initial 8oz to her car. I noted her oil pan was leaking around the gasket and told her to check the oil ever other day or so.. After about two weeks of driving to work in Ocala, she noted her engine had an odd sound.. Someone from the Church group where she worked, checked the oil level.. None even showed on the dipstick. .. She forgot to check!!! They had to add a total of 4 Quarts to her car. It is hard to say how many days she had been driving her car with no more oil than the filter itself would hold…. Her car is a 4cyl and there is no Doubt in my mind, had I not used X- 1R in her car, that Engine would have been gone, seized up, or badly damaged! There is no sign of reduced performance or engine noise… And investment of under $15 saved a $2000 engine.. . no doubt. .. And yes I did put on a new oil pan gasket and re-added X- I R. Just incredible.. My Best Regards and Thanks,

Author: Paul Ritchie 
Dear Sir: I am writing to inform you of an experience and testimonial on the use of one of your products. My wife drives a 1986 Corvette each day from our home in Ormond Beach to her job in Port Orange where she works as a school teacher. She loves her car and expects it to start, and run without any thought of breaking down. One day while returning home from work she noticed that the engine temperature was running over 300 degrees. She was about 15 miles from home driving on I-95. Having no idea what the temperature should be, she continued to drive to the house. When she arrived, she said she smelled something hot in the car. I looked at the car and saw that the radiator had split and there was no water in the engine. I switched on the ignition to read the gages and the engine temperature was over 400 degrees! After I recovered from that sinking feeling of thinking I now had a blown engine that would seize when I tried to start it, and was looking at replacing it, I remembered I had changed the oil and added X-1R Oil Additive. I had heard the claims, and never truly believed. Well I `m now a believer! I replaced the radiator, and solved the problem of why it overheated in the first place. When I started the motor I was amazed that I had no loss in oil pressure, no head gasket leaks, no adverse engine problems at all! I had the oil changed and made sure that X-1R was put in. The car runs great and I now use your products in all of my vehicles. Thank you for your ear, and producing a good product that lives up to your claims.

Author: Harry Räikkönen, Lead Mechanic 
Effect of the X1-R Friction Eliminator in the Nitromethane Drag Racing Engine “The racer has a 160 cid air-cooled pushrod twin engine tuned up to a smashing output of 650HP. Lubrication is particularly critical for the scavenging characteristics of nitromethane used as fuel.” “Due to the big cylinder bore (4.5″) larger boring clearances must be used, which would normally lead to seizing of piston shirts. Thanks to the X-1R Friction Eliminator used in the motor oil the seizing does not occur any more. The use of X-1R has also almost doubles the lifetime of the big end and crankshaft bearings which are exposed to extremely high surface pressures.” “The engine is built so that there is no circulating lubrication in cylinder heads and rockers. By using X-1R grease on push rod ends, seizing is totally avoided. Wearing of rocker arms and valve stems has also been almost nonexistent that to X-1R. The same valves and guides have now been used for four years!” “Using normal ATF automatic transmission oil in the two geared planetary transmission has caused problems by excessive wearing of the sprag wheel. After adding X-1R Friction Eliminator into transmission oil there has been non wearing at all.” “Based on the eight years of experience we can recommend the X-1R products for all applications where extreme lubrication is needed!”

Author: Bobby Gill 
“Since using the X-1R Engine Treatment there has been a dramatic reduction in wear internally in our race engines. There is no finer product.”

Author: Frank Kimmell-ARCA 2000 Champion 
“My transmission and rear-end supplier has told me since using the X-1R Gear Fluid my equipment has much less wear and tear. What really impressed me about X-1R’s fluid was at the Atlanta race in November we cracked a transmission cooler fitting and during the race we lost all but one quart of your gear fluid. We finished the race and thought the rear-end was badly damaged. When we got the rear end out of the car at our race shop, there was no damage at all!”

Author: Chad Haney, Crew chief 
“Man – this stuff really works!”

Author: Jason Wood, Crew Chief for Woods Racing 
“X-1R’s SynKart Engine Oil, dropped our times a tenth without any other changes. Other than speed, what has really been impressive is the appearance of our lifter faces. This is a critical wear area and failure point. In the past a condition known as spider webbing (stress cracks that take on a spider web-like appearance) was a common sight during engine component inspection. Since using the SynKart oil this condition has disappeared! Other components of our engines look good as new also. Speed wins races but reliability wins championships! X-1R SynKart 3 delivers both”.

Author: Walter Bennett
I purchased  a 2000 Dodge Caravan, NEW, and put 250,000 miles on it with out even a hiccup.

I religiously had the oil, oil filter and air filter changed by Johnsons Automotive and Repair, in Deland, Florida, every 5000 miles.

The first oil change after purchasing, I had them install 2 oz., of X1R per quart of oil for the initial change.
After that, at each oil change there, was 1 oz., per quart added to the oil which I use, Castrol, 10w30.

After 225,000 David Johnson called me to come to his shop and look something over. I thought I had a serious problem.
On arriving, David took me to the van, which the hood was open and that he had seen an oil leak at the valve cover.
The valve covers were off and he pointed out the engine heads and took his finger and rubbed it across the heads,
noting to me that there was not one indication of sludge, dirt or anything there.

David said that his experience with me proved that the X1R was the cause of my not having any problems at all with this van
after 225,000 miles.

On leaving the company I turned the van in to them after 250,000 miles. As far as I know, they are still using it and I turned it in in 2004.

I also use X1R in all my 4 cycle lawn equipment and my Triton Bass Boat with a 4 cycle engine

I have told everyone that asks me about this, that I credit X1R with my success in not having “ANY” engine problems.

I did and do the same thing for my 2010 F-150 Ford and my wife’s 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee, and I will always continue this.

Thank you for helping me be trouble free with my equipment.